Here's the Thing:

We like sweets just as much as the next person, but if there's a healthier alternative, that's what we're reaching for. Nostalgic of the good 'ol PB&J days, we searched far and wide for a fruit spread that:

  • wasn't full of sugar,
  • wasn't sweetened artificially,
  • didn't include ingredients that had a laxative effect, and
  • didn't masquerade as no-sugar while having grape or apple juice as the second ingredient.

But when our efforts proved unsuccessful, we took matters into our own hands. Now here we are, Spreshening up your life!


Very Low Sugar

And by very low, we mean close-to-nothing low! The only sugars in our spreads are those naturally occurring in the ripe fruit that we source.

We don't believe in sweetening our products with any form of sugar — not honey, not agave, not even those other fruit juices (they're sugar-laden). We sweeten using only the highest quality monk fruit juice!

Check out our FAQ section to learn more about monk fruit, but basically it's a small green, melon-y looking fruit. Its juice is 15 times sweeter than sugar — without the calories. Plus, it won't spike your insulin or trigger cravings. Pretty sweet, eh?

100% Natural

You won't find any gunk listed on our products — that's because we believe Mother Nature's supplied us with everything we need to create something that's clean and tasty. We sweeten naturally using monk fruit juice, preserve with pectin and citric acid from lemons, and use gum from acacia trees for texture. It's all real baby, nothing fake here!


Our customers love using our spreads in so many different ways! We've heard they work great in:

  •  thumbprint cookies
  •  cheesecakes
  •  salad dressings
  •  glazes for meats
  •  fat bombs
  •  smoothies
  •  cake frostings
  •  ice-cream toppings
  •  cheese sandwiches

But you know, some stick to simply spreading it on toast! That's simplicity at its finest and we're all about that life.


Hey, thanks for your interest in our products! Whether it's to place an order, provide some feedback or just to say hi, we'd love to hear from you.